4 Reasons to Update Your In-Dash Navigation This Holiday Season

by DriverSide

In the last 20 years, navigation systems have become commonplace accessories in vehicles around the world. And why not? They’re an easy way to get where you’re going without having to fumble with paper maps or print out directions prior to leaving. 
What many of us don’t realize is that the navigation system in your four-year-old vehicle has matching four-year-old information. Now, streets and highways don’t change that much in that period of time, but businesses sure do. Updating your map data is a vital step to ensure that the gas station you’re heading to while out in the middle of nowhere really is there.

If you have an in-dash nav system, chances are it’s powered by NAVTEQ maps. This behind-the-scenes company is responsible for the majority of detailed navigation information on the market today. Want an update? NAVTEQ maps will send you CDs or DVDs to update your system lickety-split, so you can get on with wrapping presents and ducking fruitcake offers from coworkers. 
If you’re not already convinced of the need to get your nav system updated, here are four reasons why this holiday season will be made better with new maps.

Because you want to quickly get to Grandmother's house.

Her apple pie is delicious, after all. And to get to it more quickly, you’ll need good driving directions. Drivers using navigation systems drive shorter distances and spend less time driving, according to a 2009 NAVTEQ study. It’s a pretty self-explanatory statistic; if you have a navigation system directing you to your location, you’re less likely to make wrong turns, thus cutting down on drive time. Save us a slice!

Because you'll save money by cutting fuel costs.

Those reduced miles we mentioned above? They amount to reduced fuel usage. The study participants saved an average of over $200 per year in fuel costs – hello, spending money! Fuel efficiency increased 12 percent based on the study results, from an average 27 mpg to 30 mpg. These same participants also experienced an average annual reduction of 1600 fewer driving miles. That means you’re not only reducing fuel consumption, but your vehicle will experience less wear and tear overall – saving you money on maintenance. And that means more money for presents!

Because shopping is complicated enough.

Last minute holiday shopping is inherently stressful. No need to make it more so by not having the correct navigation information. If that mall has closed down or that clothing store moved in the last year, your outdated maps will still send you right to them. You also won’t know about the newer, closer store that popped up. Updated maps will save you from that time-suck and added frustration.

Because it doubles as a great gift.

Map updates aren’t cheap, but they’re an investment that will last you at least a year, if not two. If your loved one is the driver in the family or easily gets turned around, a navigation system update is the gift that keeps giving. 

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