Six Budget-Friendly Mother's Day Ideas

by By William Sprecher, Contributing Editor
Remember that saying your parents taught you – 'Actions speak louder than words'? Mother’s Day is the perfect time to capitalize on that nugget of wisdom. So instead of scavenging her garden for flowers or subjecting her to questionable cooking experiments if you're low on cash, you can help her out with her car. Whether you've flown the nest or are still nestled under her wing, a little help always goes a long way. 

Change the Air and Cabin Filters

These two items aren’t usually on a mom’s to-do list, but replacing a car’s filters can help fix problems she didn’t even know she had. A dirty air filter will rob an engine of power and efficiency, diminishing performance and increasing gas consumption. A new cabin air filter will improve the air quality within her car. Best part? Picking a filter up at an auto parts store and replacing the old one is easy as pie. 

Change the Windshield Wipers

It's pretty important to be able to, you know, see out of your car. Despite this, changing worn-out windshield wipers is often times left at the very bottom of the to-do list. Mother’s Day conveniently comes at the end of rainy season, which means her wipers are probably on their last swipes. Most wiper blades are inexpensive and extremely easy to replace. Not a bad exchange for your mom's safety, don't you think?

Fill Her Gas Tank and Tires

Our mom always drove a lot. She shuttled us to school, baseball practice, multiple play dates, sleepovers, grocery runs - the list goes on. Next time she needs it, save her the trouble and fill up her gas tank and add air to her tires. Not only will she appreciate the thought, but she may even drive you to the mall this weekend. Oh, joy of joys!

Wash Her Car, Inside and Out

We mean seriously wash it. Not only break out the suds, but the wax and vacuum too. If she is as busy as our mothers are, it’s something she won’t have time to do herself. If you’re feeling particularly gracious, you can stock her glove box with essential items like a tire pressure gauge, mini flashlight and utility knife as well.

Change Her Car's Oil

Depending on your level of experience (now’s not the time for experimenting), you can either change the oil yourself or take it to the lube shop. However it happens, changing her oil will save her time, money and potential back pain. It’ll also give her one less thing to worry about – and you know how moms like to worry. 

Do All of These Things with Her (If She Wants)

While these are all great ideas—thank you, we think so too—nothing says Happy Mother’s Day like spending time with the woman who fed, clothed and raised you. Take any or all of the above ideas and do them with her. You may even teach her a thing or two – or vice versa.

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